Research and standardization in the field of road and transportation
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    Council PIARC/AIPCR


    The Council consists of:

    • members designated by the various member countries,
    • the immediate Past President,
    • honorary members,
    • former members of the Executive Committee who have held office for a continuous period of six years and
    • Presidents and Secretaries General of the World Road Congress and the International Winter Road Congress up until 2004,
    • representatives of the PIARC National Committees.


    Swiss Delegation:

    1st Delegate of the National Committee Switzerland

    • Jürg Röthlisberger, Director, FEDRO, Bern


    2nd Delegate of the National Committee Switzerland

    • Andreas Heller, President PIARC Switzerland, Fauenfeld 

    3rd  Delegate of the National Committee Switzerland

    • Philipp Stoffel, President FOKO, Bern


    4th Delegate of the  National Committee  Switzerland

    • Erwin Wieland, Dep. Director FEDRO, Bern



    Honorary President of the World Road Association:

    • Olivier Michaud